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The World of Social Media

It is impossible to ignore the power of social media these days, and a successful post or advertisement on these platforms can make all the difference to your business.

Aerial Photography and videography create a high impact in social media productions and with our in house editing as an addition the production values we can produce for you are unsurpassed.

Production Type

With the cameras and equipment we use it is possible to shoot in the air or on the ground.  Seamlessly transitioning between both for maximum impact. High level editing to be sure your visions are met.

Story Telling

People follow companies and individulas due to an emotional trigger.  our promotional video production is focused on storytelling as well as high production values. 

Production to Budget

High valueand professional presentation does not need to break the bank.  We work with the view of protecting your pocket without damaging the quality of our output.                                                                       

Platform conformity

Different social media platform use different compressions, and what works for one may not work for another.  We are able to keep the quality high on each platform due to our knowledge and expertise. 

The World of Television

Due to the high level of our filming equipment we are perfectly suited for television based production.  

Our ability to link with all mobile units and production monitors as we fly means we work well as a single unity or under the watchful eye of director and producer.  In the case of news or documentary footage we are able to go live or to high level recording equipement. 

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Whatever your drone requirements  Aerial Media Solutions is able to deliver quality shoots in a variety of photographic styles, Please contact us direct to discuss your requirements

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