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Roof and Property Inspections

Aerial Media Solutions offers a quick cost effective alternative to traditional inspection methods, we can supply the client with high definition 4K video and 20MP stills for their inspection while offering views that traditionally could only be viewed by the hire of expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers.

With these latest methods no one leaves the ground so you do not have to worry about the HSE - “Working at Height” health and safety regulations.

Using a drone is particularly useful for surveying unsound structures or those with difficult access. 

We conducting a inspection we encourage the client to monitor the video on the ground in real time  with us as we fly, so you know we are getting the exact details you are looking for.  

We use the latest DJI Inspire 2 drone which enables us to  capture ultra-HD 4K video footage or 20 megapixel still aerial images and show off your property at a perspective never seen before.

As part of a inspection we can also produce a complete and accurate report with everything you need to generate a roof or insurance estimate.

We pleased to offer a discount as part of regular scheduled maintenance contracts,

Get in contact with us to see how can help your business today.

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Rooftop Inspection

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3D/2D Modelling

Elevation and Volume Maps

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Rooftop Measurements

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